FUSE Grantee: Carrfour Supportive Housing Inc.

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CSH is leveraging generous support from the Open Society Foundations and Capital One to offer communities grant funding as well as expert advice and assistance to plan and implement the evidence-based Frequent User Systems Engagement (FUSE) model targeting frequent users of the criminal justice and homeless systems.

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Miami Dade County, Florida

Why FUSE for Miami Dade County?

Over the past two years, Carrfour, Camillus House and Citrus Health Network, the three largest local providers of homeless services, have joined together with Miami-Dade County’s Homeless Trust (and with the other Continuum of Care providers in Miami) to develop and implement innovative strategies to serve the chronically homeless, creating a Coordinated Outreach initiative, transitioning to a Housing First model for the entire Continuum and implementation of a vulnerability index to prioritize placements in permanent supportive housing units.  It was quickly realized that we must work together and purposefully if we are to end homelessness among the most vulnerable of our community as well as maximize our resources.  This shared commitment along with the results of a 2010 study by The University of South Florida who did an analysis of data from recidivists to the 11th Judicial Circuit Criminal Mental Health Project (CMHP) reinforced the understanding that we needed to develop a comprehensive, systems-change approach to truly break the cycle of homelessness and recidivism among those high need/high users among our chronic homeless population.

In response to the need for a systemic change in the way the State of Florida responds to this population, Florida Finance Housing Corporation (“FHFC”) issued a Request for Proposals to develop a supportive housing program with a research component for “Housing for High Needs/High Cost Individuals who are Chronically Homeless”.  The Homeless Trust as well as numerous community agencies comprises the Coalition Lift Advisory Committee involved in the development, implementation, and evaluation of this demonstration project. In April 2014, Carrfour was one of three applicants awarded the capital funding from FHFC for this project and is in underwriting.  Carrfour already has site control and will begin construction as soon as underwriting is completed and anticipates the program will open in December 2016.  This funding was the starting point for Coalition Lift.

Carrfour Supportive Housing Inc.'s Goals

Coalition Lift will be a comprehensive permanent supportive housing program utilizing evidenced-based best practices for high needs/high cost chronically homeless individuals in supportive housing communities in Miami Dade County. FUSE has proven to be an effective model to engage and stabilize people who are high users of both the shelter system and the criminal justice systems.  The FUSE program model focuses on providing housing stability and reducing the involvement of participants in the criminal justice system and other emergency service system.

 We have begun to build the framework needed to successfully replicate a FUSE initiative in Miami Dade County and with the assistance of the peer learning network and other technical support would move it to the next level-implementation.

The infusion of support including peer learning network and other technical support offered through this Start-Up Support Grant would move the Coalition further along in this pilot to identify, implement and evaluate a comprehensive, system wide initiative to respond to the vulnerable, high need, frequent users of our community’s most expensive systems of care.  Coalition Lift has the three essential elements of the FUSE Blueprint-Data-Driven Problem Solving, Policy and Systems Reform, and Targeted Housing and Services in place and now we need to take it to the next phase-implementation.

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