A Proven Model for Investors - Supportive Housing in the Impact Investment Market

Investments in supportive housing that produce measurable social, as well as financial, returns are part of the broader landscape of impact investment. Impact investors measure performance on a ‘double bottom line’ of social and financial impact. There is evidence to suggest that a focus on social good can improve financial returns: Impact investment funds with less than $100M in assets under management outperformed similarly sized traditional funds over a six year period.[1]

While other types of ethical investment screen out negative impacts or use positive impact as a deciding factor in the investment process, impact investment is the only category that weighs economic and measurable social benefits equally throughout the process.

Supportive housing investments are often included in an ‘affordable housing’ impact theme. A 2014 survey of 300 impact investment funds found that 44% reported access to basic services, including affordable housing, as an investment theme.[2]

The CSH Impact Investment team is focused on three strategic solutions to achieve the most impact and measurable social change.

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