In conjunction with One Roof, CSH offers a Training Academy designed to develop housing solutions for families at the intersection of homelessness and child welfare involvement.

CSH has embarked on an ambitious movement – One Roof – elevating the visibility of families who are at the intersection of homelessness and child welfare involvement. We are helping communities develop partnerships between housing and child welfare systems to improve outcomes for vulnerable families.  Our goal is to ensure a better future for children by: breaking the cycle of intergenerational poverty and despair; promoting an improved, integrated policy and systems response for this population; replicating supportive housing tailored to their unique needs; increasing investment in housing solutions for at-risk children and their families.


Working with experts leading One Roof, CSH is in the midst of its second Training Academy intended to jump-start local efforts to integrate housing and services models like Keeping Families Together. The first training group (cohort) was accepted by CSH in October 2016 and included teams from nine communities across the nation. Teams from eighteen communities are in the second cohort of training throughout the summer of 2017. Upon completion of training, participants have:

-- An understanding of the core components of implementing a Keeping Families Together program;

-- Access to tools and resources related to supportive housing for vulnerable families involved in multiple systems;

-- The opportunity to work with CSH on a formal readiness assessment and application process for additional technical assistance.

For updated registration deadline information for the next training group, please email:

Who should apply?

State, county or local level teams representing housing, child welfare, family services, and homeless agencies.  While not required, CSH strongly encourages and will prioritize applications that include high level representatives from each of these systems.  Additional, but not required, team members could include representatives from health care, behavioral health, education, early childhood education, domestic violence and other systems that impact families.

Current Training Academy Modules: Details and Timeline are Outlined Below.

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Registration Instructions and Application (Please note online application is in fill-able PDF form and should be completed, saved and then submitted electronically following the instructions found in the link.) For updated registration information for the next training group, click below or please email: New application deadline is June 26, 2017.

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For more information on the CSH Keeping Families Together initiative, please click here.


Access CSH Keeping Families Together Toolkit by clicking here. For more information on efforts to help vulnerable families, please access the Child Welfare & Supportive Housing Resource Center.



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