FUSE Grantee: Shelter House

About the Grant

CSH is leveraging generous support from the Open Society Foundations and Capital One to offer communities grant funding as well as expert advice and assistance to plan and implement the evidence-based Frequent User Systems Engagement (FUSE) model targeting frequent users of the criminal justice and homeless systems.

Geographic Focus

Johnson County, Iowa


Shelter House's Goal

Shelter House will develop and provide stable, safe permanent supportive housing utilizing a Housing First approach for 15 chronically homeless frequent users. In so doing they are looking to demonstrate a reduction in the overall utilization of higher cost emergency services over time, thereby reducing costs to both public and private Johnson County agencies for these same individuals. All of this will go towards helping these individuals move beyond homelessness and live out their lives with improved health and well-being.

Why FUSE for Johnson County?

Johnson County sits astride two interstates and hosts three hospitals, each with psychiatric inpatient units.  These factors yield a higher concentration of chronically homeless individuals than other areas of the state.  Many of these individuals are habitually cycling through the county's existing services only to return to living on the street; each time in worse health than the time before.

The services that exist in the community, while efficacious for the majority, are not meeting the needs nor are they being utilized cost effectively for this particular group of individuals.

We can and must do better.  We can either continue to watch people live and die on our streets or work together to provide something new and different adopting an approach that has been proven to be successful in other areas of our country.

The success of a winter emergency shelter program galvanized support throughout our community for a more permanent housing solution for these individuals that are otherwise chronically cycling through our existing services only to return to living on the street.  Meanwhile, the Local Homeless Coordinating Board had already begun to bring the necessary stakeholders to the table and had initiated research intended to make the case for a more permanent housing solution using a Housing First approach and FUSE method of analysis to identify the intended service population.

More information on our grantee, Shelter House is available here.



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